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Mutant: Year Zero

Mechatron Core Rulebook

10/07/2153, 0617. All human personnel is to be evacuated immediately from Production Facility Mechatron-7, on direct orders from the Noatun Central Command. Control over Mechatron-7 is to be temporarily transferred to A.I. construct NODOS, to secure continued production.

In a huge facility hidden underneath the ocean, an army of robots continues to carry out the final orders of humanity. Waiting for the humans to return, the work tirelessly in decaying factories. But now, decades after the humans left, something has changed. Some robots have started to express their own free will. Will these self-aware robots save the Collective – or lead it to its final downfall?

Mutant: Mechatron is the second major expansion to the award-winning Mutant: Year Zero roleplaying game. This book lets you play the quirkiest of all creatures of the Mutant universe – the robots – and introduces them to the dawnworld. Mutant: Mechatron can also be played as a stand-alone game. Contents:

  • New rules for creating and playing robots. Build your robot part by part with chassis parts, modules, programs and secondary functions.
  • A detailed description of Mechatron-7, a huge underground robot city, including a full-color map.
  • The complete Ghost in the Machine campaign, placing the player characters in the middle of a growing conflict that threatens to tear the robot collective apart.
  • Guidelines and rules for how the robots can adapt to life in the Zone, the unknown world outside of the Mechatron-7.

Downloadable PDF of the rulebook is included in the purchase.

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Silver ENNIE for Best Rules 2015

“Probably the best post-apocalyptic RPG on the market. Full stop.”

RPGNet review

“My players and I had a blast playing and can’t wait to get back to the Zone.”

Brian Ennis, The British Fantasy Society

“A better and more stylish balancing act between nostalgia and innovation the Swedish RPG scene hasn’t seen in a very long time.”

The Boningen gaming blog

“The rules support and create campaign play. Intrigues start, threats arise, opportunities and challenges appear, without the GM having to make it all up.”

The Fenix gaming magazine

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