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Free Leauge


Mutant: Year Zero

Zone Wars Core Set


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Lead a band of mutant Stalkers into the Zone and fight others to scavenge artifacts from the Ancients. Stake out your claim in the postapocalyptic wasteland – or die trying. 

Designed by Andy Chambers (Necromunda, Battlefleet Gothic, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Dropfleet Commander) and Free League, Zone Wars is a fast and furious game of tabletop skirmishes set in the beloved Mutant: Year Zero universe. 

This core set includes ten detailed 32 mm miniatures (five each for the Ark Mutant and the Genlab Tribe), cards, tokens, dice, a game mat, cardboard terrain, a ruler, and a rulebook including five full scenarios, campaign rules, character generation, and solo rules – everything you need to play! 


  • 10 high-quality miniatures* 
  • 83 playing cards 
  • 105 tokens 
  • 10 custom dice 
  • 36” × 36” game mat 
  • 3 full sheets of cardboard terrain 
  • Measuring ruler 
  • Rulebook 

*The miniatures are delivered with a sun-drop coat of paint. 

© 2023 Cabinet Licensing LLC. Mutant: Year Zero and Heroic Signatures are trademarks of Cabinet Licensing LLC. 

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Mutant: Year Zero

Zone Wars Core Set


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