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Ruins of Symbaroum

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With the Ruins of Symbaroum game line, the acclaimed setting of Symbaroum comes to the world’s most popular roleplaying game rules. 

Aside from the base core rules referenced in the 5E OGL, the Ruins of Symbaroum game line contains everything you need to create characters and set out to explore the world of Symbaroum.

To emphasize the dark fantasy nature of the setting, new rules for traveling and rests, social challenges, and magic are introduced. Regarding magic, wielders of mystical powers cannot avoid being affected by the ever-present threat of Corruption — the gathering of darkness to each character’s Shadow which, if left untended, can manifest as terrible physical transformations and even the eventual loss of the character entirely, as Corruption consumes them mentally and physically.

THE Setting

The rich and nuanced Symbaroum setting revolves around the Ambrians – a civilization that two decades ago were forced to flee their ancestral soil after a devastating war. Their new and promised land borders on the vast forest of Davokar, covering the remnants of the Empire of Symbaroum which fell into ruin hundreds of years ago. Brimming with natural resources and mythical treasures, the forest calls out to the Ambrians to be explored and plundered, but the road into its depths lays far from open. Not only are the shadows beneath the foliage fraught with danger, monsters and infectious Corruption; there are also the elves of the Iron Pact who have vowed to die to keep anyone from disturbing the ruins of old, warning that the ancient evil of Symbaroum stirs in its sleep. 

“Ruins of Symbaroum is one of the best D&D 5E adaptations yet”

– Dicebreaker

“Ruins of Symbaroum is the perfect off-brand TTRPG out there that lets users dive into the familiar structure of D20 5E!”

– Gametyrant

“Ruins of Symbaroum sows the seeds of great storytelling without forcing you to follow a railroad”

– Wargamer

What Ruins of Symbaroum adds to your game

Aside from the previously mentioned setting-specific rules, Ruins of Symbaroum 5e has more to bring to the table. 

  • New Origins and Backgrounds: Aside from familiar folks such as humans, elves, and dwarves, the Symbaroum game world lets you create PCs and NPCs who are changelings, ogres, goblins, trolls and even a particular form of undead.
  • New Classes and Approaches: RoS 5e presents the classes Captain, Hunter, Mystic, Scoundrel and Warrior – each with between four and seven different approaches (called Subclasses in the 5E OGL rules), and all of them with customized features up to the 20th level.
  • Optional Rules for 5e: In the Gamemaster’s Guide you will find rules and guidelines for Troupe Play, Advanced Traps, Pitched Battles, Ceremonial Magic, and more.
  • New Creatures and Adversaries: The Bestiary offers 150+ monsters, beasts, and adversaries. Most notable, the section Hordes of the Eternal Night presents twenty-seven beings with full color art, lore, an adventure Set-up and between one and four variants with different stat blocks.

Core Game Editions

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Ruins of Symbaroum 5E

Player’s Guide

Ruins of Symbaroum 5E

Gamemaster’s Guide

Ruins of Symbaroum 5E


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