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Free Leauge


Organized Play

Become a Free Agent! The League of Free Agents is Free League’s official organized play program for Gamemasters all over the world.

We provide you resources to run our games at conventions or gaming stores and let players enjoy them. If you enjoy running Free League games and want to help spread them to others – or if you want to run Free League games in your gaming store – please join us!


As a Free Agent, you Gamemaster Free League games at conventions or in gaming stores, as part of official Free League events or by creating events yourself. It can be physical conventions, online conventions, or running games in other venues such as your local game store. As a Free Agent GM, you will be invited to our closed Free Agents forum to discuss the finer points of gamemastering Free League games. You will also receive newsletters directed specifically for organized play, about upcoming conventions and new scenarios for organized play.

Free agent scenarios

Each year, we will aim to share one new Free Agent scenario each for most of our RPG titles. These scenarios will be made available in PDF format to Free Agents via the closed forum, typically before any general release by Free League. They all include pre-generated characters, ready to play! Please note that you are not allowed to share these scenarios for any other use than organized play at conventions or gaming stores.


We want our Free Agent GMs to have some previous experience of convention play and to enjoy meeting new players and create a fun experience for the entire group. You should be communicative, responsible, and enjoy Free League games. We also want you to have a basic understanding of Free League games and the Year Zero Engine, and to have a deeper understanding of the particular game you are running. 


Being a Free Agent should mainly be done for personal enjoyment and access to the Free Agent scenarios, but we will also throw in a 100 SEK (about $11 USD) discount in our webshop for each game session you run. When you have run a session, use an online form found in the closed forum to send a brief report, and we’ll send you a discount code. When running games at an official Free League event, you also get a free T-shirt.


The League of Free Agents is also for retailers! If you want to run a Free League game in your store, join us and download the Free Agent scenario and get started right away. Feel free to get in touch with ut as sales@frialigan.se for further questions about our support for retailers.


A Free League Gamemaster applicant must:

  • Be communicative and responsive.
  • Be passionate about the Free League game you are promoting.
  • Enjoy gamemastering Free League games.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Abide by the Free League Code of Conduct.


If you are associated with a store or convention wanting to have Free League games run at your premises, or have any other questions about our organized play program, please email event@frialigan.se.


We at Free League Publishing strongly believe that gaming should be for everyone; from every walk of life, every corner of the globe and any background. Games, and roleplaying games in particular, are a powerful tool to create and visit wondrous worlds in the imagination. We want everyone to have this opportunity, without exception.

Our games are meant to be used in the spirit of inclusion and equality. The subject matter of our games might sometimes be dark and explore mature themes, but around the table we should always treat each other with respect and sensitivity.

We promote fair play and safe gaming at conventions and events. Everyone should feel comfortable and secure playing our games. If this trust is broken, please let us know and we will coordinate and act together with convention management to remedy the situation.


  • Agree to the Free League Fair Play Policy above.
  • Are professional and forthcoming in contact with other people.
  • Answer participants’ questions about the games.
  • Are on time.
  • Have a presentable appearance that does not frighten or offend your participants.
  • Are inclusive and welcoming to everybody.
  • Do not harass, discriminate against, or insult people.
  • Follow the scenario provided by Free League and not throw in surprise elements that may offend anybody.
  • Cooperate with other Free Agents to grow the Free League community.
  • Adhere to any rules or codes of conduct of any gaming convention or venue you may visit.


In a League of Free Agents event, all players should feel safe. If you as a Free Agent GM notice any harassment in your game, be it of players, spectators, or anyone else, you can take what action you see necessary, from giving a warning to ending the game, or removing a person from the game. The goal is to create a safe and creative environment where you all can enjoy and play the game together

If you need the support of Free League, contact Free League staff at the event, or if we are not there, contact event AT frialigan DOT se. Do this as soon as possible and we do our best to help and remedy the situation.


Free League Agent’s are volunteer promoters of Free League’s games and are not employees of Free League. Free League reserves the right to refuse membership or suspend/terminate the membership of any applicant or member at any time. A member may terminate their membership in the League of Free Agents at any time by notifying us at event AT frialigan DOT se.

If the information provided by a member on an application or in an event report is found to be false or misrepresented, Free League will immediately terminate the person’s membership. Free League assumes no responsibility or liability for the health or safety of anyone during events. Free League reserves the right to cancel or change the requirements for a Free Agents membership at any time.

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