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Forbidden Lands

Foundry VTT Module – The Bitter Reach

This is a digital version of the The Bitter Reach campaign book for the Foundry Virtual TabletopA Foundry Virtual Tabletop base license is required for useCheck the package page for current module compatibility. This purchase will give you an activation code to be activated through your Foundry account. Afterwards you will be able to download and access the module via the Foundry application.

This Foundry module contains:

  • 85 Actors – 77 NPCs and 8 Monsters not found in the Core Game, key players and monsters feature their original art.
  • 42+ Items – 9 Artifacts, 22 Spells, 8 Talents, and some Gear for the frozen north.
  • 185 Journal Entries – Styled after the source books, and organized in folders by chapter. Includes rules, lore and all the information you need to run The Bitter Reach campaign.
  • 17 Rolltables – Including Mishap Tables, Random Encounters in the north, and tables for travelling under the ice.
  • 14 Adventure Site Scenes – With scene notes linked to Journal entries describing the point of interest.
  • A large map of the Bitter Reach, with stickers for adventure sites, and headstones.
  • Includes extra art from the books, and overhauls some of the user interface.

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In the southern lands, elders speak of cold storms from the north. Cursed voices borne on the icy winds whisper of secrets from ages past that would plunge realms and kin into ruin if only someone could understand these ancient words. They are the desperate confessions of the lost. They are the legends of the Bitter Reach.

Deep beneath its frozen surface, creatures told of only in the oldest of legends dwell. They guard treasures that can give their owner power beyond their wildest dreams, treasures that could lay waste to the Bitter Reach if they were found.

And the treasures will be found, sooner or later, so why shouldn’t they be yours to claim?

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Winner of four ENNIE Awards 2019

Best Cartography
Best Production Values
Best Rules
Best Setting

“It’s like somone took hazy childhood memories of a classic D&D game and mixed them with a dash of bleak Scandinavian darkness.”

Tabletop Magazine

“Superbly packaged, Forbidden Lands is a pleasing combination of ‘Old School’ nostalgia and fast, simple mechanics with unobtrusive narrative elements designed to bring aspects of the character into play. Its setting offers scope for the player characters to develop not just personally, but also in terms of their place in the world.”

Reviews from R’lyeh

“This may be the most perfect role-playing game product I’ve ever seen.”

Plot Points RPG Podcast

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