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At the Table

Gather a group of friends at your gaming table.

Roleplaying games are traditionally played with a group of friends at a table (which is why its often called TTRPG or tabletop roleplaying games). Since the dawn of the hobby in the early 1970s, this has been the default way of experiencing the magic of roleplaying games around the world.

If you have some friends that are interested in RPGs and a nice location to play, great! You have everything you need to start playing. But there are other venues where you can find players and games, such as gaming conventions and game stores. As roleplaying is an intrinsically social hobby, its often a great way to make new friends. Here are some suggestions to get started.


There are tabletop gaming events hosted all round the world on a regular basis. Check your local listing and see what is available in your area. Gen Con in the USA, Essen Spiel in Germany and UK Games Expo in the UK are three big ones that we recommend that you seek out if you have the opportunity.

game stores

Another way to find a gaming table is to seek out a local gaming store and see if they have any slots open. It’s a great way to try out something new and make new friends to boot.

social media

If you want to set up a local group by yourself, or join one, a good place to start are the many social media channels and online forums dedicated to Free League games.


Why no try to organize a game yourself? Our program for organized play at conventions and game stores is called the League of Free Agents and offer support and compensation for Gamesmasters running Free League games in public venues. Read more here.

Check out Ellinor’s introduction to RPGs!

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