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Free Leauge


Blade Runner RPG

Case File 02: Fiery Angels

“We’re not alone in our celebration of Free League’s work, which received multiple industry awards. But I think that the newest boxed set, Case File #2: Fiery Angels, might be my favorite piece yet, mainly because it makes me feel like Harrison Ford from page one.”Polygon Review

Blade Runner RPG’s first expansion evokes the original film’s ethical dilemmas and empathy for replicants.” –Dicebreaker Review

Following the same deluxe format and packaging as the award-winning Case File 01: Electric Dreams, included in the Blade Runner RPG Starter Set, Case File 02: Fiery Angels features a new thrilling investigative scenario and a host of in-world handouts, photos, maps and more.

This boxed set includes:

  • A beautifully illustrated and detailed scenario book with locations, characters, events, and leads to follow.
  • Eleven handouts, including a variety of in-world artifacts and Esper photos.
  • Seven full-color maps.
  • A custom manila envelope for the players to keep their evidence safe in.
  • Fourteen high quality custom cards for non-player characters.

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This new investigation starts off with the Blade Runners assigned to question a suspect arrested while trying to infiltrate the Wallace Corporation Memory Vaults. The case leads the team down a perilous path that explores the boundaries of Replicant technology and its consequences. The player characters need to contend with an array of physical, mental, and moral challenges.

The pre-order gives immediate access to all of the above content in PDF format, ahead of the physical release early next year. Should you find any errors in the PDF, please report them on our Blade Runner RPG forum. Thank you!

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Winner of two Gold ENNIE Awards 2023
- Best Layout and Design
- Best Cartography

“The Blade Runner RPG nails Ridley Scott’s vision, and adds pitch-perfect investigative mechanics.”


“Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game blends sci-fi noir with corporate intrigue and is sure to bring out the existential detective in everyone.”

Screen Rant

“I don’t like to use the word ‘perfect’ often, but I’m going there now. The Blade Runner RPG captures the themes and feel of the source material perfectly.”


“It is easily the most engaging game book I’ve ever read.”

The RPG Academy

“The most immersive Blade Runner experience yet.”


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Blade Runner RPG

Case File 02: Fiery Angels

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