2021-10-12 Tales From the Loop – The Board Game Launched on Tabletopia

Step into the amazing world of the Loop, the digital version is free to play and has launched ahead of of the boxed version coming later this year.

2021-10-05 Last Chance for a Late Pledge for Ruins of Symbaroum 5E ✨

The world of Symbaroum welcomes new adventurers with Ruins of Symbaroum, the 5E adaptation of the dark fantasy game. Last chance for a Late Pledge! 

2021-09-22 Free League Joins The Rep-Detect Unit With Official Blade Runner Tabletop RPG Series

Walk the Neon-Noir Streets of LA in a New RPG From the Award-Winning ALIEN RPG Team

2021-09-21 INTO THE ODD RPG Partnership announced and kickstarter launched!

2021-09-18 Free League Wins Eight ENNIE Awards, Including Fan Favorite Publisher

2021-09-07 Vaesen and Symbaroum RPGs Launched on the Foundry VTT

2021-08-27 The 2021 ENNIE Awards Vote Ends Today!

2021-08-23 3 Days Left on the Forbidden Lands Kickstarter - Book of Beasts & The Bloodmarch ✨

2021-08-19 ENNIE Awards Vote Reset – Vote Again!

2021-08-18 The 2021 ENNIE Awards Vote is Live! ✨

2021-08-17 Colonial Marines Operations Manual for the ALIEN Roleplaying Game Is Out Now!

2021-08-03 Forbidden Lands: Book of Beasts & The Bloodmarch Launched on Kickstarter Today!

2021-07-27 Forbidden Lands - Book of Beasts and The Bloodmarch Coming to Kickstarter August 3

2021-07-20 Symbaroum: Alberetor - The Haunted Waste Out Now!

2021-07-13 Tales From the Loop & Mutant: Year Zero RPGs Launched on the Foundry VTT

2021-06-29 Make a Late Pledge for Ruins of Symbaroum 5E ✨

2021-06-22 Free League Summer Sale Now Live - Up to 50% OFF 🌞

2021-06-17 Twilight: 2000 RPG Pre-Order Launched Today 💥

2021-06-14 Last Day for the Free League Humble Bundle!

2021-06-08 Make a Late Pledge for THE ONE RING™ RPG

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