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We know it can seem daunting to take your cozy, analogue tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) that you have usually experienced around a table with friends face to face into an online, digital format. But these days it really is easier than ever with before!

There are new and better tools continually being developed to make the transition as smooth as possible and the actual play experience as close to real life meetups as can be.

Depending on the game you play you might not even need anything more fancy than video calls like Skype, Zoom or Discord and perhaps a shared space to doodle in, Gtove or Awwapp.

In fact, when starting out it can be a good idea to avoid the fancier tools and just rely on physical dice and group integrity, simply to see how it feels to play through a video call.

However, if you feel like you would like some more tools at your fingertips there are a number of virtual tabletop platforms and apps (VTTs) available for you to explore. All of them come with tutorials to teach you the ins and outs.

We wish you strange and magical adventures together with your friends from the safety of your home!

TLDR: Tabletop roleplaying with your friends over the Internet has never been easier! You only need a decent computer, a stable broadband connection and a headset. But in case you want more tools that can help you enjoy it even more, links can be found below. Have a  blast!

General Online Tools

We have a lot of dedicated fans who have created tools for use in both online and offline play.
These are not connected to any particular virtual tabletop plattforms or apps and can be used freely.


Symbook (General Tools)


Icon Card Deck

General Tools

Random Generators for systems, missions etc

Mutant Year Zero

Zone Map Generator and Manager

Virtual Tabletop Platforms

Today playing online through Virtual tabletops (VTTs) have become more and more common and there are now a plethora of options to make it easy to find what suits you and your group best. In short: What you need to get started is a stable broadband connection, a decent computer and mic and speakers (or a headset).


Roll20 was established in 2012, and as such is one of the most venerable (and popular!) VTTs out there. While it might not quite have the same amount of bells and whistles as the latest VTTs released, it can run on almost any computer and has by far the widest selection of supported roleplaying games. Its core functions are also absolutely free! You can later decide to do a paid upgrade for extra features.

Get started by creating an account at Roll20 and check out the official Crash Course to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Below we’ve collected resources to run our own games. To use the free resources you normally only have to choose the correct character sheet when creating the game. You can of course also choose to purchase modules that contain tools, maps, markers, character sheets and whatever you need to make it as smooth an experience as possible.

The following games are freely supported and have character sheets and dice rollers available.

  • Alien
  • Coriolis
  • Forbidden Lands
  • Mutant Year Zero
  • Symbaroum
  • Tales From the Loop
  • Vaesen

In addition Alien and Tales From the Loop have full official modules available for purchase!


Alien Starter Set
Destroyer of Worlds Cinematic Adventure

Alien RPG Starter Bundle
Additional Character Tokens

Tales from the Loop

Tales From the Loop Starter Set
Tales From the Loop Core Rules

Foundry VTT

Foundry VTT was released in 2020 and although it requires a bit more of a setup compared to Roll20, and a one time purchase of the software itself, it is very powerful and works great as a support for the GM during play. You can choose to either host it from your own computer, or a remote server, with players connecting through a simple link in their browser.

Check out the tutorial that takes you through how Foundry works, how to set it up and how to create your first world. There are a number of supported systems, and also an ever growing number of community created modules that can be plugged in to enhance your game further.
The following games are freely supported with character sheets and dice rollers.


FantasyGrounds is a paid online gaming service that offers a lot of tools to make roleplaying online easier to manage.
To get started you purchase a license or subscription, and then a game system to run.

Check out the website here and the tutorial video here.


Alien Core Rulebook
Chariot of the Gods

Destroyer of Worlds


Symbaroum Core Rulebook

The Chronicles of the Copper Crown


Vaesen Core Rulebook

A Wicked Secret and Other Mysteries


Astral was released in 2019 and features both free and paid content.
Currently Forbidden Lands and Alien is supported by Astral.
Visit the website here and check out tutorials here.


Check out these great communities dedicated to our games!


Free League Forum (All Games)



Forbidden Lands



Mutant Year Zero

Tales from the Loop

The One Ring



Forbidden Lands



Mutant Year Zero

Tales from the Loop


Alien RPG

The One Ring

Year Zero Worlds (All Except Symbaroum)


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