Johan Egerkrans

Johan Egerkrans is a critically acclaimed illustrator and author and he is one of Sweden’s most popular contemporary illustrators. Drawing and doodling has always been part his life – at age two he picked up a pencil and haven’t quite been able to put it down ever since.

Johan has worked as a professional illustrator and concept artist for more than two decades, producing artwork for books, games, comics and films. In recent years he’s picked up writing as well, and has written and illustrated a number of hugely popular books including: Vaesen about scandinavian folkloric creatures, Norse Gods about, not surprisingly, the Norse gods and The Undead, which sinks its teeth into the lore of vampires and revenants from across the Globe. In the upcoming book, he locks horns with the greatest monster of them all – Dragons.

He’s also obsessed with paleontology and has to date made four books delving into the natural history of dinosaurs, pterosaurs and other extinct critters.

In addition, Johan has worked on covers and illustrations for a number of internationally acclaimed authors such as J.R.R Tolkien, Astrid Lindgren and Isaac Bashevis Singer.

Johan Egerkrans is the main creator, artist and author, of the praised book Vaesen that the world of the roleplaying game Vaesen RPG is based upon, published by Free League.

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